Low VITAMIN D Makes You Tired & Fatigue | Dr. Mandell

Feeling tired can stem from a number of causes, one of which may be vitamin D deficiency. Unlike more visible causes like stress, depression, and insomnia, vitamin D deficiency is often overlooked as a potential cause of fatigue. Please subscribe so you and your family can stay healthy and happy. Please share this video with … Read more

What Your Body is Telling You When You Need Vitamin D #shorts

What Your Body is Telling You When You Need Vitamin D #shorts Dr. Janine shares what your body is telling your when you need vitamin D. She talks about how if you get sick often you may be low in vitamin D. She looks at how research shows that a chronic cough could be because … Read more

Everyone’s taking vitamin D 💊 but no one knows this!

Everyone’s taking vitamin D but no one knows this. ✅ Get your free anti-inflammatory diet plan 👉 Recommended Vitamin D3+K2 Supplement 👉 Get full guide ⏩ You may like —————- foods that lower high blood pressure ⏩ vitamin K2 foods to stop bone loss & reduce artery stiffness ⏩ foods that unclog arteries naturally ⏩ … Read more

Kratki rezovi: Vitamin D / Pozitivno sa dr Nestorovićem

Top 7 Vitamine D Supplementen Vitamine D Supplementen Kopen? Vitamine D is essentieel voor uw lichamelijke en geestelijke gezondheid en heeft een positieve invloed op het immuunsysteem. Te lage vitamine D-spiegels kunnen leiden tot een aantal gezondheidsproblemen. De volgende supplementen zijn van de beste kwaliteit, betrouwbaar en makkelijk in te nemen.    1. Vitamine … Read more

10 Signs Your Body Is Begging for Vitamin D

Evidence-based: Vitamin D deficiency is a common problem in the United States and many parts of the world. It can cause bone pain, muscle weakness, and even mood swings. It also increases your risk of developing osteoporosis and fractures!  The best source of vitamin D is sunlight, but you may need to spend time outside … Read more

7 Early Warnings Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency #shorts

7 Early Warnings Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency #shorts Dr. Janine shares seven early warning signs of vitamin D deficiency. She talks about low energy as an early warning sign of vitamin D deficiency. She looks at how depression and low mood can be warning signs you are low in vitamin D. She explains how … Read more

Vitamin D 60000 IU Tablet/Capsule Benefits, Dosage, Overdose, How to Take and Side Effects

What is Vitamin D 60k IU capsule and how to take it? Hear what is the Vitamin D 60000 IU tablet, what are the use of the Vitamin D 60k IU capsule, when to take it, when doctors prescribe it, how to take it, what is the general dosage, and what happens on the overdose … Read more

5 Best Sources Of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is required to absorb calcium and phosphorus, minerals needed for bone health. It also supports immune function and provides protection from certain infections. Vitamin D levels go up naturally with sun exposure. Foods and supplements can also boost vitamin D levels. Here are the top 5 sources of vitamin D. #vitamind #vitamindfoodslist #shorts … Read more

Vitamin D

VITAMINE D3 , VITAMINE D2, CALCIDIOL ? Ils font référence aux différentes formes de vitamine D présentes dans notre corps ou dans les aliments que nous consommons. Par exemple, la vitamine D3 est également connue sous le nom de cholécalciférol ; ceci est fait naturellement par le corps en réponse à la lumière du soleil. … Read more

STOP Taking Vitamin D! Is Vitamin D Actually HARMING You?

The truth of Vitamin D revealed… Website – Store – Masterclass – Join Lifestyle – Articles & Recipes – Contact – STOP Taking Vitamin D! Is taking vitamin D harming you? Vitamin D truths revealed… [FREE MASTERCLASS] Register for the New FREE Immune You Masterclass, the 3 Immune Guides & get up to 50% off … Read more